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Exciting changes are coming to Capture & Design
& in 2018 we will be fully 100% about growing your business.

We are shifting our focus from being primary a photography studio to helping creative entrepreneurs & small business owners stand out from the crowd. It’s your brand, your message, your passion.  The visual part of any business is always the hardest part and where most time is spent with little profit, let Capture & Design give you the tools you need on visual aids so you can spend the time & energy where it counts! 

What Capture & Design will begin to offer you are:

  • A Creative studio to help your online presence/business grow
  • A Commercial photographer to capture specific product shots for your business
  • We provide Stock photos for anyone ( stock shop, creative market, etsy ) for your blog, brand & social media platforms. All high res & royalty free.
  • Online workshops on how to take better photos, how to sell your product & more are in the works
  • Free tips for better photos, tips on better blogging, how to's and more on the blog
  • Free stock photos, sales & more
So by signing up, we won't spam you, I hate emails, seriously some businesses send you 3 a day and that is over kill.  I promise I won't do that. EVER.  You will hear from me when it's important & if you think that is too much you can always unsubscribe at any time. I am not offended by your choices. But by signing up you will find in your welcome email your free membership link to the Capture & Design Creative Community & a special code for 21 free stock images to use today!!  Plus at least once a month free stock images to add to your collection for raise the bar on your social media feed.  You have nothing to lose & everything to gain. 
By signing up you will gain access to:
  • Free membership to Capture & Design's Creative Community
  • Free 21 stock images to use today! and.....
  • Sales & events before they are released to the general public 
  • Always a free stock image or more a month to grow your collection of images to use royalty free
  • News releases on launches on new workshops I may be hosting
  • Updates on Capture & Design that you need to know

THANK YOU for your support for my little passion I call Capture & Design.  Please just enter your name & email address and you are on your way
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